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Shittu Olumide Ayodeji
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Learning always takes different curves and methods, but mastery is the ultimate goal. As a data practitioner, it is also essential that you don’t just play around with just dummy data. It would be best if you took on projects that will be important to your CV/Resume, and you will learn a lot from them.

The best way to get first-hand experience is via a competition or a hackathon. You get to build projects, network and win prizes, so you create a real-life project with use cases.

Another important way to get exposed to working on real-life projects is through an internship. You could get an intern role at school during the summer, or by applying to a company, you love to work with in the future. Most companies hiring interns now take the roles seriously as they want to build the applicant and work with them and of course, some are paid internships(you will have to work for that money).

In this article, we will discuss some virtual internship positions for data scientists, and as you already know by now that internships funded by the company will help you hone your data abilities and provide doors to opportunities.

Let’s dive right in.

Data science virtual internships

  1. The Sparks Foundation Virtual Internship
  2. KPMG AU Data analytics virtual experience program
  3. LetsGrowMore Data Science virtual program
  4. Accenture North America — Data Analytics Virtual Experience
  5. Quantium — Data Analytics Virtual Experience Program
  6. General Electric — Digital Technology Data Analytics Program
  7. ANZ Australia — Data@ANZ Program
  8. Cerca Abroad Data Analysis & Machine Learning

There are so much more on the internet, and you can Google search and get dozens of result. The internship positions listed above are paid for a fixed number of months, during which you will have to commit a certain amount of hours per week.

Wrapping up

Virtual internships are lovely for aspiring interns who might be in another country or can’t attend the office physically. There have been so many life-changing stories about how internships changed people’s lives, and today they are either working for big companies or working at that same company as full-time staff.



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