NWC: AI sentiment price prediction tool

NWC sentiment prediction tool

Howdy😎, In order to present you more detailed Technical analysis at the very best, the NWC team is here with an Artificial Intelligence sentiment price prediction tool.

NWC Token

The NewsCrypto token (NWC) is the native token of the NewsCrypto ecosystem, which offers a comprehensive set of indicators, educational resources and entertainment for everyone from novice traders to experts in crypto. The project aims to offer everything that a crypto trader needs in one place, while also creating a community-focused ecosystem where users can learn from each other and earn NWC for posting quality content.

The NWC token is used to unlock access to the online platform, which is focused on interactive education on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency trading, as well as for additional features on the NewsCrypto mobile app, which also includes entertainment (i.e. crypto games) and a community section apart from educational resources and market tracking software.

The token has a hard cap of 280 million NWC and it follows a deflationary model, with 20% of all subscription fees being automatically burned by a smart contract. Apart from the platform membership fees, the token is also used for transfers of value and awards to community members for their contribution to the ecosystem. Its growth is entirely driven by the community, as NewsCrypto is completely self-funded and therefore independent of any external capital, which means that everyone is incentivized to act in the best interest of the entire community and to provide trustworthy and valuable content.
The top exchanges for trading in Newscrypto are currently HitBTC, KuCoin, Uniswap (V2), PancakeSwap, and ProBit Exchange. You can find others listed on our crypto exchanges page.

How the AI works

The AI sentiment price prediction tool, collects data from Twitter and from financial news, and analyzes the sentiment in the tweets or news articles that contain a predefined set of keywords. It rates the sentiment in the Tweet or news on a wide scale ranging from fearful to enthusiastic.

Based on the collected historical data, it corelates the price movement of the underlaying asset for which it searches in keywords to the determined sentiment. As enough data gets collected, we are able do predict price movement based on the previous movements.

When it comes to Twitter sentiment analysis, the AI also looks at the profiles that we know can have a big effect on the price change of an underlying asset if they tweet about it (eg. Elon Musk), the amount of likes, retweets and comments to determine the sentiment score. Based on the overall sentiment of the Tweets containing the keywords in a set time period, it takes an average and predicts the price movement. The same goes for sentiment analysis of the news.

In the next updates, the AI will be able to transcript spoken words into text, allowing it to listen to the news, and analyze the sentiment there as well, as this is the quickest way to get information and sentiment. It will also be able to predict the sentiment based on the way that the person in the news is speaking (the tone of their voice) and it will add this data to the prediction as well.

About NWC

It was back in the 2017 when the two founders of NewsCrypto recognized the need for providing relevant crypto information for established traders and giving newcomers a place to start their trading career.
As a self-funded project, we created an ecosystem that would work for itself. From a small team of core members, we managed to grow into an international family of experts in their own field. Focusing on education we gathered all the important sectors and created the platform that would guide people in the crypto world. This is why NewsCrypto is made by traders, for traders.




A Developer and Designer

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Shittu Olumide Ayodeji

Shittu Olumide Ayodeji

A Developer and Designer

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