Howdy crypto loversđź‘‹, Newscrypto has been bringing to you undiluted information about cryptocurrencies, AMAs and tokens at your finger tips.
We are pleased to announce to you that Newscrypto have been placed as the number 1 educational token by Coingeko in coinmarketcap!

We have come a long way creating crypto and blockchain awareness and now we are proud to unlock this new milestone.
With our academy platform you get to Learn everything you need to know about crypto in one place, knowledge is power.
In order to succeed you need to know a few things first. This short school program was designed to provide you with powerful knowledge
and warn you about rookie mistakes in the crypto world. The NWC token is used to unlock access to the online platform, which is focused on interactive education on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency trading, as well as for additional features on the NewsCrypto mobile app, which also includes entertainment (i.e. crypto games) and a community section apart from educational resources and market tracking software.

The token has a hard cap of 280 million NWC and it follows a deflationary model, with 20% of all subscription fees being automatically burned
by a smart contract. Apart from the platform membership fees, the token is also used for transfers of value and awards to community members
for their contribution to the ecosystem. Its growth is entirely driven by the community, as NewsCrypto is completely self-funded and therefore
independent of any external capital, which means that everyone is incentivized to act in the best interest of the entire community and to
provide trustworthy and valuable content.

And yes as a bonus to you learning on our platform you earn NWC and claim the title of a professional trader.
With our big support from Kucoin we offer:

Basic crypto knowledge to start your trading career:

Learn how to read charts and understand different chart patterns and strategies:

Newscrypto tools

Get to know Newscrypto tools and indicators and learn how to use them:

Trading strategies

Discover various strategies to increase your chances of profit:

Crypto Trading

Learn how to trade on KuCoin:


Learn about DeFi, one of the hottest and most groundbreaking areas of crypto:

Test your skills now!

Start Charting now & post prediction:

About NWC:
Back in 2017 the two founders of NewsCrypto recognized the need for providing relevant crypto information for experienced traders,
as well as giving newcomers a place to kickstart their trading career.

As a self-funded project, we created an ecosystem that is entirely focused on the NewsCrypto community. From a small team of core members, we
managed to grow into an international family of experts in all things crypto. Focusing on education, we gathered info on all of the crucial aspects of crypto and created a platform that would give people the
confidence to boldly step into the world of cryptocurrencies and trading.

You can reach out to NewsCrypto via:




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Shittu Olumide Ayodeji

Shittu Olumide Ayodeji

A Developer and Designer

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