EPNS Partners with Aragon to power unstoppable Decentralized Governance.

Shittu Olumide Ayodeji
2 min readSep 4, 2021


When it comes to Web3 and decentralized protocols on distributed ledgers, the key to making them decentralized are their governance structures. Today, on Ethereum, we build digital communities without geographical boundaries, but as we build, it is becoming increasingly difficult to govern on-chain. The need for user-friendly governance tools and infrastructure has never been higher.

Aragon is building the governance infrastructure for Web3. Their plug-in modules are enabling the deployment of decentralized organizations with multiple governance models, gasless voting and conflict resolution. These empower communities to coordinate in a censorship resistant, permissionless way.

We at EPNS are glad to announce that we are working with Aragon to bring decentralized push notifications to users. For our pilot program with Aragon, we will integrate with Aragon Govern, Aragon Court and Aragon Client:

Create a notifications channel — governance related actions will trigger push notifications for every token holder. This will keep everyone updated on the future of the protocol and the direction it is heading:

  • Aragon Govern — token holders will be notified when transactions are scheduled, disputed and executed to ensure they are aware of everything the organization is doing.
  • Aragon Court — Guardians will be notified when they are drafted, when their vote is required and when a dispute is settled.
  • Aragon Client — token holders will be notified at every stage of the proposal lifecycle: when a proposal is made, when voting is required and when the outcome is executed, to encourage the community to actively participate in DAO governance.

Include custom governance Call to Actions — Integrated Call to Action (CTA) for the receiver of the notification, to be able to vote or signal their preference with ease, right on the notifications interface.

We believe that integrating the communication infrastructure of Ethereum with key governance infrastructure will be vital for the future of governance and make it more user-friendly.

By working with the Aragon team we look forward to the opportunity to further refine our protocol’s governance and use the best tools available to create robust governance mechanisms.



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