Call of Data Program


Like other crypto networks, Bluzelle has a chicken and egg problem. Developers want to use infrastructure that is battle-tested for security and availability. But the only way to be battle-tested is to have developers use it.

To address this we’re launching an incentivization program named Call of Data. DeFi networks use token incentives to build up initial traction and create network effects. We are doing the same. BLZ holders are incentivized to create and upload data sets that are stored on Bluzelle. The benefits are:

  • Network activity increases
  • Validator nodes begin to earn more fees
  • More validators are encouraged to join
  • Bluzelle network becomes more decentralized
  • Developers have data sets they can use for their applications
  • More developers use Bluzelle to store their data and use the data
  • Increases network activity

How it Works

Call of Data is a specific application built on Bluzelle. BLZ holders sign-in on the app and upload data sets to Bluzelle. Bluzelle will offer suggestions of what kinds of data sets to create, but participants can upload whichever data sets they want. After the data set is uploaded, the participant needs to gather votes for their set in order to reach the top rankings. Those in the top rankings earn BLZ rewards. Each week the contest restarts. The goal is to keep having datasets uploaded and compensate people for their work. To prevent bad data from spamming the network, we have the crowd-sourced voting mechanism.

Bluzelle has allotted up to $10,000 each week to be given to participants. The more people that participate, the higher the rewards will be.

Call of Data will continue for the foreseeable future with no end period in place for now. The goal is to launch and add features to increase activity until we reach the point that developers are joining the network at an acceptable pace. Call of Data is not meant to be a short-term program but a long-term application that can evolve and be used for other activities for Bluzelle.

Current Status

Call of Data is currently in Private Beta and is being tested on by selected Bluzelle community members. Once the results are satisfactory, we’ll launch the public beta for all community members to participate. When the public beta is released, we’ll give more details on the game mechanics.




A Developer and Designer

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Shittu Olumide Ayodeji

Shittu Olumide Ayodeji

A Developer and Designer

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