Bluzelle partners with Mintable Bluzelle:


The fastest & Safest Place to Store NFTs

🤝Thanks to our strategic partnership with the leading NFT marketplace Mintable, Bluzelle has successfully incorporated the highly sought-after feature of the present times, NFT file storage, into its ecosystem.

Bluzelle offers a solution that allows you to store your NFT content on its decentralized storage network across various nodes worldwide with guaranteed security and availability.

Our unique approach allows:
🔸Elimination of a single point of failure
🔸Secure & tamper-proof NFT files & metadata.
🔸Availability anytime.

Through our fully decentralized network (backed by a DPoS consensus algorithm), we ensure your NFT files and data can be easily accessed and modified anytime by you — and only you.



Shittu Olumide Ayodeji

Hello 👋 my name is Shittu Olumide, I am a skilled software developer and technical writer, compassionate about the community and its members.