A Minute with EPNS — Week #48

Shittu Olumide Ayodeji
2 min readSep 22, 2021

Hi EPNS fam 🎎! Lots of work getting closer to the end of Q3. Lets review all the happenings together!

Project Updates

  • Development: NEW Push Governance section in the Incentives website 🗳️. Delegate voting power to your favorite PUSH Nominee!
  • Development: Audit started! 🕵️News coming soon!!
  • Development: Showrunners framework Plug & Play QA passed ✔️. Started preparation to go LIVE, and publishing all the channels in our release pipeline!
  • Development: Channel Discovery features 🔭 in final QA stage. Release coming soon.
  • Development: Frontend-SDK in QA 🔍.
  • Development: how about sending payloads directly to the PUSH nodes🤫
  • Featured: EPNS got featured in Anthony Sassano’s The Daily Gwei
  • Community:🤩 EPNS hosted Twitter Space ‘Crypto pe Charcha’ was a fun conversation between @harshrajat, @simplykashif and @PareenL
  • 🏆 Our week-21 ROCKSTAR Community NFT winner is @noBScrypto! 💝Congratulations 🎊Check out Kyren’s explainer video on EPNS 👈🏾
  • 🏆 Congratulations to the winner of Guess the September APR Contest 📈 — @meant2ob 🎊
  • Remember: The EPNS Team members will never DM you first, we never ask you send money, crypto, private key, or any such thing. Stay safe out there friends!



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